May 7, 2018


The first draft of the objectives and action plans was submitted by Deacon James Trombley, Worship and Liturgy Commission Head for review.



April 15, 2018


The first draft of the objectives and action plans was submitted by Ricardo Butanda, Parish Life Commission Head. A review was performed for format and general uniformity and returned to Ricardo Butanda for the review at the Commission Head meeting May 17.

April 11, 2018


A template for the commission objectives was sent to the Commission Heads to ensure uniformity in format for the objectives and accompanied action plans to be submitted to the Diocese as part of the parish 3 Year Plan. Use of the template will save time when the final plan is being prepared. The plan section from the commissions will not have to be retyped. The template also includes a line for projected dates and funding requirements.

The objective review process will include adding estimated volunteers needed, how objectives are tied to the general goals of the parish and the impact of demographics on the objectives. The next meeting of the Commission Heads is scheduled for May 17. Also, the next meeting of the Pastoral Council is scheduled for May 24.

April 8, 2018

32471947_1778801465535679_3351279615753584640_nThe parish demographics received from the Diocese were forwarded to the Commission Heads for their consideration in developing commission objectives. The data included projections about future income level, population and average age. This information must be viewed when accessing future parish needs and plans.

April 5, 2018


Parish demographics were received from the Department of Planning in the Diocese of Charlotte. The data were reviewed by Sharon Burkhardt, President of the Pastoral Council and Father Kottar.

March 5, 2018

32662591_1778801665535659_8501674371276865536_n.jpgExamples of commission objectives and the action plans for implementation of those objectives from another parish were provided to Sharon Burkhardt by Father Kottar. He sent a flocknote to inform the Commission Heads that Sharon Burkhardt would meet with each of them to review the examples. This was accomplished during the following week.

Survey results are in!

fish fryThe survey responses have been compiled and the complete results may be viewed HERE.

SUMMARY: The bulletin continues to be the primary source of information about the parish and most people feel they receive information in a timely manner. The International Food Festival, Fish Fry and the Guadalupe Party are the most popular events held here at St. Mary. Adult education appears to be satisfactory to the parish with room for additional classes.

The survey responses about youth involvement in the parish was positive except in community outreach. The parish expressed a desire to support this ministry and the children can be a part of the effort. Many ideas were offered for community outreach and interest expressed in joining existing outreach ministries and resurrecting defunct outreach programs.

The one area identified as an area in need of work in the English-speaking community was opportunities to socialize. The Hispanic community did not find this to be an issue as they often work together to organize events. More events can be arranged with cooperation from our parish family.